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My name is Jaycee Crow, I am a UX/UI designer living in Magnolia, Texas!
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I have a lot of love for art and self expression. My affinity for creating and desire to find solutions have finally found the perfect meeting point in UX/UI design.

I’ve been a creative since I was a young child. In elementary school, I was known to come home from school with markers and color on the walls, signing my brother’s name, thinking I wouldn’t be caught. Now, as an adult I am taking on freelance illustration jobs in my spare time. Art has always been a core part of who I am.
Digital illustration in a painterly style. It is of a small orange dog wearing a black harness. The background is mossy green.View illustrations
I was also known as a problem solving child. Growing up, we didn’t have much in the way of money but I always came up with ways for my brothers and I to stay entertained with homemade board games, embarking on make-believe fantasy adventures or inventing a new way to play foursquare. 
I combined these two interests with tech in my early pre-teen years, when the internet was becoming a household must have and our parents would yell at us to get off the web so they could use the phone. I remember staying up late on weekends building my own levels in computer games like Speedy Eggbert of eGames.

I started coding my own MySpace page, putting in all the glittery animated text and Hello Kitty images of the times, even managing to get a music player embedded. Eventually, I ended up learning how to build my own sites with html and css and designed a sort of wiki for my childhood cats. It was admittedly not very aesthetically pleasing, but hey, I was a 15 year old who had just made their own live and functional website with a cool .wix domain name.
Red and white dog laying on a gray fuzzy rug. There are three buttons in front of him, purple. blue and orange.
My fondness for animals finds its way into everything I do and I am currently living with four cats and three dogs. My latest animal based design project has been creating an auditory user interface for my dog, Cupid, who speaks using augmentative and alternative communication. I was inspired by people like Christina Hunger, a speech pathologist who was the first to pave the way for canine speech.

Now, AAC for pets has become widespread as we discover truly how much they can not only understand, but explain to us. Cupid uses his keyboard in ways I would have never imagined a dog could. Every new word he learns amazes me and I hope to learn more about language development and animal communication through our daily lives.
When I am not busy talking to dogs, I am also an attentive plant parent with multiple tropical plants in my work space. I love going hiking at local trails as well, taking all our dogs with us.
If you share similar interests and would like to connect or think we’d work well together, please feel free to reach out!
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